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How do we help you accomplish access? Planning starts well before launch and extends beyond to ensure drugs, therapies, devices, or diagnostics reach those who need them with minimal hurdles.

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Our 360° Approach

to Access

We have transformed the traditional agency model through a holistic, 360° approach that considers the entire development lifecycle in planning for market access. 

We are experts in developing end-to-end marketing strategies and tactics across all healthcare stakeholders, ranging from various types of payers (governmental, commercial, employer) and HEOR to healthcare professionals and patients.

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We are a market access and medical communication strategic consultancy.

The medical industry is filled with complex ideas that can be difficult to communicate to stakeholders. We leverage our years of experience within a variety of therapeutic categories to help companies accomplish their brand access goals. We take those complicated ideas and make them understandable to all stakeholders to ensure a company's drugs, therapies, devices, and diagnostics reach those who need them with minimal hurdles.

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PFG understands that navigating the road to market can be quite challenging. We prioritize understanding what the current market looks like and the stages a company may have to go through before getting its product or service to market.

What it's like to work with PFG MedComm

Applied creativity

We ask questions that lead to nontraditional opportunities, maximizing budgets and amplifying messages

Uncovering your blind spots

We apply a wide-angle lens, because sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact

Value-centric process

Our customized project plans ensure that we don't burn hours unnecessarily, so every step adds value and moves the needle

Curated teams

If someone is touching the project, they are adding value

Challenging checklists

Just because it’s always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean that’s the best way to do it

Curated Project Teams

PFG MedComm provides you with a curated project team that understands your access goals. Our project teams consist of both core and extended members. Your core members are those you regularly interact with, while your extended members are those who provide strategic advice, editorial guidance, and project management. 

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