Our 360° Approach to Access™

We work with companies throughout the healthcare ecosystem from the earliest stages of clinical planning and strategy through launch, training, and beyond. Our unique approach to access fits into any phase of development, while navigating the medical, legal and regulatory requirements at each.


Have you considered all the potential market access challenges and opportunities?

The market access landscape is constantly evolving. We proactively anticipate and identify future market access opportunities and plan for potential challenges. Our unique process considers the entire product development lifecycle – placing an access lens as early as the clinical study design, through the launch strategy. We incorporate landscape analyses and strategic scenario planning to help you develop a dynamic market access plan.

  • Strategic Workshops: Access Advantage
  • Scenario Planning
  • Access Landscape Research & Analysis
  • Stakeholder Profiling
  • Access-driven Publication Planning
  • Clinical Protocol Review
  • Systematic Literature Reviews
  • Internal Stakeholder Interviews & Perspectives


How do you adapt your tactical plans to account for the dynamic access landscape?

We help you adapt your market access plans and customize your stakeholder-specific messaging to amplify the value proposition based on access opportunities and challenges.

Adapted tactical plans combined with a series of strategic workshops simplify the value story to create key customer selling propositions.

  • Strategic Workshops: Value Platform
  • Development & Stakeholder Mapping
  • Core Value Message Development
  • Customer Research
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Advisory Boards
  • Conference/Congress Planning
  • Access driven publication planning


What tools do your field teams need to engage with market access stakeholders?

As a full-service agency, we create tactics and tools that prepare your field teams for their customer engagements. But accomplishing access goes beyond just rolling out tools and tactics – they are only effective when paired with stakeholder-specific value stories.

Our proprietary training methodology simulates real-world customer engagements that equip your field teams with the ability to communicate unique value stories across stakeholders.

Market Access

  • Payer Value Propositions & Preapproval Information Exchange (PIE)
  • Presentation Desks & Associated Materials
  • Payer Review Packages
  • AMCP Dossiers, Global Value Dossiers, BCBS Evidence Street Submissions
  • White Papers
  • Access/Coverage Materials
  • Social Determinants of Health, Health Inequities, & Racial Disparities Materials
  • Investor & Corporate Communications Decks
  • Other Payer Communication Materials

Clinical & HEOR

  • Abstracts & Posters for Conferences and Congresses
  • Oral Presentations & Speaker Decks
  • Medical Writing Support for Peer-reviewed Manuscripts
  • Claims Analyses Manuscripts
  • Patient-reported Outcomes Manuscripts
  • Systematic & Targeted Literature Reviews
  • Other Clinical Article & Report Writing Support
  • Case Study Development


  • Training Design & Content Development
  • Self-directed Training Modules
  • Live Instructor-led Workshops
  • Virtually Facilitated Workshops
  • Immersive NSM Training Programs

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