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The Ongoing Journey to Access & Affordability: The Rise of PBMs, Evolution of GPOs, and FTC Inquiries

PBMs and GPOs are currently facing FTC inquiries into their business practices that impact drug pricing and access. This post reviews the nuances between these two types of organizations and why they're in the FTC hot seat.

Communicating Value Across Stakeholders: Lessons from Peter Attia's "Outlive"

Let's face it, the healthcare landscape is complex - developing clear and concise value communication across stakeholders is essential. 

Breaking Down the Inflation Reduction Act: How It's Shaking Up the Pharmaceutical Industry

Inflation affects nearly all goods and services on the market, including drugs and healthcare products. This is the first of a series of posts...

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We are PFG MedComm, a market access and medical communication strategic consultancy. The medical industry is filled with complex ideas that can be...